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2416 Adding buildings in and near Tranas

2443 #GT Closes #ONL

2511 #CO Closes #ONL

2516 Added buildings

2521 More sidewalks in Ada County

7112 Testing area, #WeMap. Do not work on this area. 🏠🛖 and 🏘, and 🛣

2472 DO NOT EDIT! Erdek #ErdekLanduse

2506 Map Vorarlberg

2508 Mapping deforestation in the Amazon - personal project - #amazon #deforestation #hublac #DAMN. Reference:


2555 Add roads in north jeolla province

2556 test mapswipe, HOT Tasking Manager Geometries from

2557 Update features in the vicinity using fresh street-level imagery on Mapillary or Panoramax .